Differentiating Spear-Phishing From Phishing In Cyber-Security

Spear-Phishing From Phishing In Cyber-Security


In this blog, we will discuss Differentiating Spear phishing from phishing. Also, learn about spear-phishing attacks and how to spot and evade them by getting the necessary information. 

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Definition of Spear phishing

A “spear phishing” scam uses email or other email messages to target a specific person, group, or company. Although data theft for harmful purposes is usually the goal, hackers may also want to infect a targeted user’s machine with malware.  

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Spear-Phishing From Phishing


Since spear-phishing and phishing are online attacks on users seeking personal information, they are sometimes confused with one another. Phishing is a known term for trying to trick users into giving personal data, such as passwords, usernames, and credit card numbers, to benefit the attacker. To contact their target, the attackers frequently pose as a credible firm and use email, social media, and phone calls, commonly known as “vishing” for voice-phishing, and even text messages, often referred to as “smishing” for SMS-phishing.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks, as opposed to spear-phishing attacks, are usually provided to large groups of people at once and are not targeted at the victims. The purpose of phishing attacks is to target a large audience with a fake email or other communication that appears to be from a good company in the hopes that someone will click the link and reveal personal details or download malware. 

Attackers that use spear-phishing aim to gather as much personal information about their targets as possible to make the emails appear natural and raise their chances of fooling users. It is more challenging to notice spear-phishing attacks than to identify phishing attacks carried out on a large scale because of the personal basis of these emails. 

How does Phishing work?

Spear phishing efforts are risky and simple to be misled by because of their individualized nature. Hackers research to increase the chance of a successful strike.

Spear phishers usually use social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. They can also map out the personal contacts in their target’s network to create a solid message. More talent may also use machine learning techniques to sift through vast amounts of data and find the high-level targets they wish to focus on.

Once spear phishers access your personal information, they can create an email that appears real and attracts their target’s attention. Due to personal communications, many people let their guard down and instantly click on a link or download a file. 

Preventive tips

common red flags of a spear-phishing attempt

  • an extraordinary sense of danger
  • Uncertain email address
  • errors in grammar or spelling
  • Requests Personal Information
  • Anonymous files and Links that Don’t Match the Domain
  • Tries to Panic the Recipient

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